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Communicating Effectively With Your Food Supplier

A few months ago, I realized that our restaurant orders were getting messed up at least once a month. It was frustrating, but after a little careful analysis, I realized that the issue was my fault, not the representative who handled our food supplier account. I started thinking about where and when I was placing orders, and it occurred to me that I was almost always in a hurry and trying to get things ordered quickly. To correct the issue, I started slowing down, double checking my food orders, and asking the supplier to repeat information back to me. Overnight, issues with my food orders went away. Check out this blog to learn how to communicate effectively with your food supplier.


Using Water Storage Systems To Prepare Your Home For Disaster

19 December 2018
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Having access to a source of clean water is essential for life. Unfortunately, many homeowners may not fully understand the steps or need to have emergency water available. This can lead to unnecessary discomfort and health problems in the event of an emergency. Appreciate The Importance Of Have An Emergency Water Source There is a common misconception that having an emergency water supply will only be useful in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Read More …