5 Classic Kosher Dishes You Must Try

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5 Classic Kosher Dishes You Must Try

18 February 2016
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Whether you are Jewish or simply a gentile who is a fan of Jewish foods, then there's an entire world of delicious dishes for you to try. Kosher dishes tend to offer some of the most comforting and delicious recipes available to please your palette. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you'll learn about a few classic kosher dishes you need to try.

Apple Cake

Often served after brisket on New Year's day, apple cake is a kosher delight that is both heavy and sweet. It is a crispy cake that is created without dairy products and the end resulted is often drizzled with honey. Unlike most cakes that are light and airy, this cake almost verges on being pie-like; it is crispy and the overbaked apples tend to add a bit of crunch, as well.

Pastrami Sandwich

This simple pastrami dish can be found throughout Jewish delis all along the east coast, but it is simple enough to make at home. A pastrami sandwich is simply pastrami piled between two slices of bread (preferably rye), and liberally topped with a mustard of your choosing. There are some variations on the dish that will still allow for a kosher experience, the most simple of which is grilling the meat and toasting the bread.

Matzoh Ball Soup

A classic matzoh ball soup recipe requires that matzoh balls, which are constructed from various breads and chicken fat, be drenched in chicken broth. It is a dish that is as simple as that. Although there are vegetarian options for matzoh ball soup, the importance of schmaltz, or chicken fat, in the construction of the matzoh balls is of the utmost importance to traditionalists.


Gravlax can be served in a number of different ways. Gravlax is salmon that is similar to Nova lox, but while the latter is smoked, the former is cured. It is often served with sugar, peppercorns, and dill. Gravlax is often served on top of a bagel with a bit of cream cheese.

Fried Artichoke

Fried artichoke is actually a Jewish-Italian dish that has made its way over to America. Its construction, like so many kosher foods, is deceptively simple. After an in-season artichoke has been lightly fried in oil (without breading), it is then served with a lemon slice for you to add to taste. This savory and slightly bitter dish is absolutely mouth watering.

Kosher dishes tend to be some of the most simple, yet absolutely delectable, dishes in the entire world. Hopefully, you've learned a bit about what has made them so great.

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