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Communicating Effectively With Your Food Supplier

A few months ago, I realized that our restaurant orders were getting messed up at least once a month. It was frustrating, but after a little careful analysis, I realized that the issue was my fault, not the representative who handled our food supplier account. I started thinking about where and when I was placing orders, and it occurred to me that I was almost always in a hurry and trying to get things ordered quickly. To correct the issue, I started slowing down, double checking my food orders, and asking the supplier to repeat information back to me. Overnight, issues with my food orders went away. Check out this blog to learn how to communicate effectively with your food supplier.


Understanding Your Water Softener Salt Options

27 January 2016
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A water softener is a must in many homes. Hard water can wreak havoc on plumbing fixtures, stain clothing, be rough on your skin, and taste awful when it's used for drinking or food preparation. Fortunately, a salt-based water softener can make the water much more pleasant to use and to consume. These softeners use a brine system, which uses salt to attract the hard minerals and to remove them from the water. Read More …

Who Needs White Christmases? Beat The Heat With SNOW!

28 July 2015
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One of the best things about living in a cold climate during the winter is fresh snow. There are so many recipes for snow ice cream, snow cones, and other frozen treats that you can delight your taste buds all winter long, and never try the same recipe twice. But what if you don't live in a cold climate? What if you are in south Texas simply longing for cooler weather? Read More …